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Camano Island Pottery

Roger Cocke

Ceramic Art for every day use

The Potter's Statement

My belief is that human life and art are inextricably connected. My goal is to infuse spirit into the work and to make pottery that speaks to one’s soul.

I consider the greatest purpose of functional ceramic art to be its ability to excite the user. The scale I use to balance spirit and function always tips towards spirit.

My passion is form, texture, and color. My pride is in the craft of clay.

Hot Out of the Kiln

The Pottery has Moved

The big news is, after 20 years on Edgewater Drive, Camano Island Pottery has moved. We remain on Camano Island, but in a downsized pottery. We will continue making ceramic art of high quality, just with less quantity.

Our new address is 364 Moana Drive. This is in the Elger Bay area.

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